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Builders can reduce house prices while enjoying profits


House prices can be lowered without sacrificing profit margins if builders increase productivity and efficiency by adopting new and modern technology....

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One million affordable homes a ‘tall order’ for Malaysia


The government’s plan to build one million units of affordable homes within the next 10 years can be achieved albeit being a tall order, CBRE|WTW mana...

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Need to further define RPGT


REAL Property Gain Tax (RPGT) is a good mechanism to curb market speculation. However, its objectives need to be better defined, says PropertyGuru Mal...

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One million affordable homes in 10 years a tall order, but achievable


The government’s promise of providing one million affordable homes over 10 years is a tall order but an achievable target, said CBRE-WTW managing dire...

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Don`t intervene in housing. Ideas tells government


The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) has warned the government to be careful of not intervening the housing market directly and cr...

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Not in my back yard to Yes in my back yard


SIXTY years ago, while I was studying in the University of Sydney, I read an article in the press of a lady living at Redfern, a suburb just after Cen...

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Diskaun bukan penyelesaian atasi rumah tidak terjual


Pemberian diskaun dan rebat bukan penyelesaian dalam menangani isu lambakan unit kediaman tidak terjual yang semakin serius di negara ini, sebaliknya ...

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A REIT to deal with overhang units


The Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association’s (Rehda) proposal for a residential real estate investment trust (REIT) to provide housing for re...

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RPGT now a pure taxation tool, discourages long-term investment


The revised Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rates that took effect from Jan 1, 2019, may lead to quicker disposals upon the fifth year of holding perio...

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Govt: Affordable homes to be capped below RM300,000


THE government is expected to put a cap on affordable homes at RM300,000 for units with a minimum of 900 sq ft, to provide more opportunities for the ...

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Developers commit to 10% price markdown to alleviate glut


Some 180 property developers have pledged to slash the prices of their unsold homes by at least 10% as the real estate sector struggles to clear RM22 ...

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Sentiment in property market could improve this year, says Knight Frank


Policies and measures announced in the 2019 budget are expected to strengthen demand in the local property market, especially among firsttime homebuye...

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