SYSWO, Expert Guiding System Bathroom To The Future.

SYSWO has introduced the Japanese concept of system sanitary ware, which accounted for 90% share of Japanese market; and brought together Chinese system bathroom industry’s most experienced teams, as well as the Japanese system bathroom experts and interior designers, following the actual needs of users’ habits , to carry out targeted research and development, innovation and improvement of products, aiming to meet the fine decoration needs of real estate users.


PROPERTY COMMUNITY PORTAL – Gateway to Effective Communication.

Residents and prospects can view relevant information 24/7. This accessibility improves customer service and promotes resident satisfaction, while reducing the burden on staff to support inquiries and fulfil requests.


Nippon Paint – The Coating Expert.

Challenge your perception in coating with us, and explore the ever expanding possibilities that coatings can offer.


Trina Solar is a global manufacturer of solar modules and equipment. They are consistently ranked top 3 places in terms of quality, reliability and bankability. We operate from our APME HQ in Singapore. 

Our latest product launched is the All-in-One Solar Rooftop Kit for residential and small commercial. We have sizes from 1.5kW to 10kW and can be designed as modular stack up (ie. 10kW+5kW = 15kW) Our unique proposition is our after sales support that connect end user directly with our factory. Warranty is up to 10 years and 25 years on our performance guarantee.