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Mismatch in Price, Location and Product Cause of Overhang


While there is no oversupply of residential properties in the country, there have been mismatches in price, location and product, which led to an over...

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Embracing Transit-Oriented Development


A NEWS report in a Malay daily (Berita Harian) last Friday clearly proves that Malaysia has fully embraced transit-oriented development (TOD) in a big...

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PR1MA: T.O.D. Projects to Start in 4th Quarter


THE proposed TransitOriented Development (TOD) projects will serve as a game-changer to transform urban housing development, said Perbadanan PR1MA Mal...

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Low-Income Earners Can Own Homes Too


Public housing programmes have enabled low-income earners to buy houses as the prices are within their means, said an economist of Universiti Putra Ma...

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Pembinaan Rumah Mampu Milik Belum Mencukupi


Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) mengesyorkan kerajaan, menerusi pihak berkuasa berpusat memastikan bahawa bekalan rumah mampu milik adalah mencukupi. Bank ...

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Outdated Data Leads to Bad Decisions Among Property Players


OUTDATED information and the lack of new research from the authorities are hindering developers from executing smart and informed decisions which coul...

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