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Knight Frank: M’sia not yet ready for BTS system


Compelling housing developers to implement the build-then-sell (BTS) structure, a policy that is being considered by the government, will lead to more...

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Knight Frank: Existing taxation system sufficient to prevent affordable homes speculation


Property consultant firm Knight Frank Malaysia Sdn Bhd said the existing taxation system is sufficient to prevent speculation in affordable homes, rat...

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Solving the housing problems


WITHIN a span of just four days, a number of initiatives relating to the country’s home ownership and overhang dilemma were announced by the governmen...

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Better to buy a car or a house first?


MANY people kick-start the new year with a fresh set of resolutions. I always like listening to resolutions from the younger generation and take a pee...

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Mammoth RM22.5b sale


Some 180 developers in Malaysia hope to offload RM22.5 billion worth of unsold properties next month at a real estate expo here but will the banks sup...

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Lebihan bekalan ancam pasaran hartanah

20190207_Lebihan_bekalan_ancam_pasaran_hartanah-min (3)

Lebihan bekalan dan ketidakmampuan memiliki hartanah boleh mendatangkan ancaman kepada pasaran hartanah negara sekiranya isu terbabit tidak ditangani ...

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Developers end 2018 on a cautious note


THE year 2018 appears to be a period where housing developers in Kuala Lumpur adopted a more cautious approach in launching new projects. Based on the...

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More goodies expected at Mapex 2019 
as developers address overhang situation


Some 180 developers participating in the government- backed home sales expo next month are expected to dish out more exciting goodies than the minimum...

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Govt hopes for discounts of 
up to 20% at home campaign


Property developers are being asked to offer discounts of up to 20%, doubled what was committed for the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), in order to cle...

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Pengecualian duti setem


Kerajaan bersetuju untuk memberi pengecualian duti setem bagi surat cara pembelian rumah dan surat cara perjanjian pinjaman untuk rumah yang dijual se...

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Property goodies


The government and housing developers are throwing all sorts of incentives at prospective buyers, including more than the kitchen sink, for properties...

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Govt announces additional incentives for Home Ownership Campaign


The government has announced several new incentives for the housing market in a bid to address the issue of unsold homes, including at least 10% disco...

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