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Solving housing shortage


A new generation of startups wants to disrupt the way houses are built by automating production with industrial 3D printers. Also known as additive ma...

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Home run for housing


TYCOON Tan Sri Vincent Tan has been busy texting his friends and businessmen about his affordable home project for low-income Malaysians, notably the ...

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Harga jualan rumah lebih rendah suku pertama 2021


Trend keseluruhan harga jualan rumah dalam suku pertama 2021 mencatatkan penurunan 1.79 peratus berbanding suku sama tahun lalu dan 0.84 peratus lebih...

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Housing helpline


The Better Malaysia Foundation (BMF), formerly known as the Vincent Tan Foundation, announced yesterday the launch of a new social enterprise programm...

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Contracting disputes may go through the roof


A crisis is looming and may break out sooner than expected in the real estate industry, no thanks to recent government rulings that seem to side one s...

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Residential property overhang seen easing


THE Malaysian residential property market saw a slight improvement in its overhang situation last year, mainly due to a slowdown in transactions as a ...

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Strata property management rules compliance during pandemic times


During the new normal in the context of a Strata – or regulated community living, it is always important to know what should be done during this...

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Why fancy building designs are passé


There used to be a time when building designs with the most superlatives were coveted amongst homeowners, but it is no longer the case today. Instead,...

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So, you want to be a landlord?


Many Malaysians believe that real estate can be a hedge against inflation. So, the ideal scenario for most of them would be to own several properties ...

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Property market fairly sustainable, says JLW


The Malaysian property market has been fairly sustainable as it underwent a consolidation mode despite the Covid-19 pandemic in the past 12 months. In...

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Rebound seen in second half of the year


THE National Property Information Centre (Napic) is expecting a soft upturn in the property market in the second half of 2021, with recovery primarily...

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Act to be amended to include abandoned housing projects


The Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1996 (Act 118) will be amended to help house buyers of abandoned housing projects, said Housing an...

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