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Compliance cost and what it means

compliance cost in edge property-min

The calls to reduce compliance cost and capital contributions in housing developments have been made for some time now and finally, the government or ...

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Choose the right leaders and prosper


The concept of a management body should be fairly clear to a management corporation’s council members and even long-time strata property owners....

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Gamuda proposes levy


Gamuda Bhd has proposed a levy where developers would have to pay 2% of their total revenue based on sales to the government instead of having quotas ...

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Utilities and the push for cheaper homes


IN the 1970s, utility companies rightfully invested and provided the necessary capital expenditure to install the requisite infrastructure to serve th...

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KRI: Bank Negara doing the right thing


Relaxing lending guidelines to achieve property sales is not the right way to tackle the issue of affordability, said Khazanah Research Institute (KRI...

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Govt should control house prices


It is the government’s duty to ensure house prices remain affordable for the people, especially those in the low and middle income groups, said Khazan...

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Demand for alternative accommodation picking up


MAN’S search for the new and unique is never ending. It goes beyond the four walls into space travel. Neither their pursuit for gains and rewards. The...

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Should be `Needs’ based and not `Race’ based


HBA offers feedback to YB Menteri on issue of Bumiputra Quota HBA refers to the statement by the Honourable Minister for Housing and Local Government,...

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Selangor govt and Maybank Islamic to offer affordable home solution


The Selangor government has partnered Maybank Islamic Bhd to offer a rent-to-own (RTO) solution for affordable homes. Selangor becomes the first state...

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Rent-to-own scheme to be expanded — Zuraida


The government is looking to expand the rent-to-own scheme for the bottom 40 per cent income (B40) group on government-owned properties. Housing and L...

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Property crowdfunding quandary


When Budget 2019 was to be announced, I held 110 expectations as our finance minister had repeatedly hinted that it was a budget of sacrifice. Surpris...

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Budget 2019: A question of affordability


The issue of affordable housing is not new. We often see the masses voicing their grouse of being in a situation where completed housing units are &#8...

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