How We Started 

REHDA Selangor is an organisation that plays a significant part in the expansion and development of Selangor’s socioeconomic landscape. Real estate planning is of the utmost importance as the centre of economic activity. The Branch is essential in developing ties between its members and the Selangor State Government.

Together with Wilayah Persekutuan, it was founded in 1975 under the name HDA WP/Selangor. In February 1976, the Klang and Coast Area HDA joined the HDA WP/Selangor. Due to the centralised national body and branch-level operations, HDA Presidents had a dual duty as branch chairman during the Branch’s formative years up until 1982. Following the restructuring of the parent organisation in 2000, the Branch was separated from its WP equivalent in 2001 to provide a more targeted approach to serving its members in each state.

The REHDA Selangor Secretariat was founded in October 2002. This Branch has the most extensive membership base, with 370 members, including subsidiaries, associate, and affiliate members, to reach out to additional members and strengthen its relationships with local government agencies.

Throughout the years, REHDA Selangor has held instructive conferences and seminars on the most recent industry topics, arranged an annual property exposition, MAPEX, within its Selangor zones, and organised various social events and activities for its members. In addition, REHDA Selangor offers its members educational and professional development opportunities through its daily industry e-news, updated circulars, excerpts of pertinent laws and guidelines, and members-only online discussion forum.