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Government likely to reintroduce HOC


The government is expected to bring back the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) as part of the country’s economic recovery plan in the second half of the y...

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Enact Covid-19 Act to avoid business closures


Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about economic misery and that the worst may not be over in the months to come is moot now. What really ...

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Re-evaluating the built environment


Stay-at-home orders owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, locally known as the Movement Control Order (MCO), have made many appreciate the importance of a h...

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Construction industry reminded to comply with rules


Developers and contractors are reminded to display the highest compliance required of them to reduce negative perception on the industry. All companie...

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Follow SOP, contractors warned


Contractors who fail to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the conditional movement control order (MCO) at construction sites and worker...

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Harga hartanah di pasaran utama meningkat


Tawaran harga untuk hartanah telah meningkat dengan baik di pasaran utama negara walaupun terdapat kesan akibat koronavirus (Covid-19) dan Perintah Ka...

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Contractors carry out preventive measures at worksites


Contractors in Selangor are exercising caution to prevent Covid-19 infection among their workers. H.H. Tan, who owns a tile and flooring company as we...

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Industry players want longer grace period


While many have welcomed the move to provide housing for foreign workers, some industry players have raised concerns over it, including asking for a l...

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Foreign labour crunch


Economic sectors that are heavily reliant on foreign labour are feeling the crunch as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to bring their operations to a h...

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For IBS to be fully adopted, upskilling of workers is crucial


Foreign labour for construction and property development may be difficult to obtain if more stringent regulations are formulated to ensure the health ...

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Kempen Pemilikan Rumah akan diperkenal semula


Kerajaan mungkin memperkenalkan semula Kempen Pemilikan Rumah (HOC) 2.0 dalam tempoh terdekat bagi membantu pemaju menjual projek hartanah kediaman. I...

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Buying during the MCO


DURING the movement control order (MCO) period, various online meetings among property consultants, investors and developers have tended to converge o...

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