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Brand new properties going under the hammer


Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) automatic six-month moratorium on all bank loans will benefit property owners with mortgages, but what happens after the ...

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Perkenal semula kempen pemilikan rumah


Kerajaan akan memperkenalkan semula kempen pemilikan rumah bagi merancakkan lagi pasaran hartanah negara. Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, b...

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REHDA: Home ownership burden lifted


Initiatives outlined in the short-term Economic Recovery Plan (Penjana) will alleviate the financial burden of home-ownership and ultimately contribut...

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HOC to lift property market


N a bid to revitalise the property market and provide financial relief to home buyers, the government has reintroduced the Home Ownership Campaign (HO...

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Penjana’s HOC campaign can assist developers sustain cash flow


The reintroduction of the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) to encourage the purchase of new houses, particularly in the primary sales market, under the N...

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Bumi lots’ levy urged to be waived


A MECHANISM that would ease the release of Bumiputera lots in the property market is more pertinent to boost interest among buyers, apart from all the...

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Property sector big beneficiary of PENJANA


Incentives introduced under the fourth Covid-19 stimulus package, dubbed Penjana, will help boost investor sentiment towards the property sector. Neve...

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Stimulus package, low borrowing costs may alleviate pandemic`s impact on property


The economic slowdown that Malaysia will experience because of the current pandemic will see the property market correct itself, while demand and pric...

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Transparency in sales contract important


In the movie “A Few Good Men, ” Tom Cruise plays military lawyer Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee against Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Nathan Jessup. In one scene...

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‘It’s doable in 5 weeks’


Employers can build lodging facilities for migrant workers that comply with updated regulations in five weeks if local authorities could fast-track co...

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How to boost the housing market in uncertain times


The economic costs associated with Covid-19 go beyond those incurred by any other previous crises. A majority of business activities was affected and ...

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Government likely to reintroduce HOC


The government is expected to bring back the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) as part of the country’s economic recovery plan in the second half of the y...

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