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Ample supply of affordable homes but not in the right location, says Zerin


The property market has a more than sufficient supply of affordable housing, but what is insufficient are the “right housing products” to cater to the...

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Gen Rent still facing financing issues


ARE the Malaysian government’s housing initiatives, such as the national Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) and programmes under the National Affordable Ho...

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New policy to address abandoned housing projects — Zuraida


The Housing and Local Government Ministry is the midst of drafting a new policy on abandoned housing projects to fine tune the standard operating proc...

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Big data to aid in making better property development decisions


REHDA Institute, the training and research arm of the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (Rehda), held the “Big Data...

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IBS academy to be set up


An Industrialised Building System (IBS) Academy will be set up by the Housing and Local Government Ministry to train Malaysians on the latest technolo...

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Skim Smart Sewa bantu B40 miliki rumah


Kerajaan negeri memperuntukkan RM50 juta menerusi pembiayaan Skim Smart Sewa bagi membolehkan golongan B40 memiliki kediaman Rumah Selangorku. Menteri...

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Malaysian property market: Wake up and smell the coffee


Much has been commented about the housing market overhang as well as oversupply the past week, mostly coming from the recently released Property Marke...

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`Redevelopment must have consent of all owners’


Real estate agents, negotiators and developers will always have an important role to play within the industry as property transactions are a face-tofa...

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Proptech won’t replace agents, negotiators


Real estate agents, negotiators and developers will always have an important role to play within the industry as property transactions are a face-tofa...

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PEPS: Other ways to resolve the oversupply problem


The National Home Ownership Campaign 2019 (HOC) could be one good way to help tackle the overhang situation in the current residential property market...

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Govt addressing issue of unsold homes


Escalating house prices, incompatibility between offerings and consumer demand and difficulty in securing home loan are among the reasons contributing...

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Dear minister, not bad at all for your first year!


You see her in the news almost every day. Not just once but several times per day, she is quoted in articles talking about matters related to the Hous...

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