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Housing demand post-MCO — back to basics


Demand, alongside supply, is the most fundamental aspect of the Economic Theory, referring to the ability and willingness of consumers to purchase a p...

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CME perplexed about proposed property vacancy tax


The proposed property vacancy tax to be paid by developers on unsold units priced above RM500,000 should be avoided and cannot even be defined as a “t...

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Resolve the property supply overhang in a positive way, not through a punitive tax


On Aug 19,2020, Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin announced the government’s intention to implement a “vacancy tax&...

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Cukai pengosongan jejaskan pasaran hartanah


Institut Ejen dan Perunding Hartanah Profesional Malaysia (MIPEAC) menyatakan bahawa ia percaya cadangan pelaksanaan cukai pengosongan tidak kena pada...

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Covid-19 Act to help contractors avoid paying late charges


Legislators are debating the Covid-19 Bill, which, once approved by Parliament, will push back most of the liability claims from businesses across a w...

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Imposing a tax on unsold and vacant properties will be a disaster


IT was recently reported that a vacancy tax on unsold properties may be imposed on property developers to reduce the overhang. A tax on the inventory ...

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Consultants: Vacancy tax won`t solve overhang


The government’s plan to impose a vacancy tax on developers to resolve Malaysia’s unsold units have been shot down by property consultants...

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Buying a house during challenging times


Elisa longs for a home of her own. The thirty-year-old lives with her parents and is saving up to buy a property. Her main obstacle is coming up with ...

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Property developers seeing strong bookings


Property developers are seeing strong bookings, particularly in June, since the reintroduction of the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC). However, UOB Kay ...

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Adopt IBS for efficiency and cost-saving


PROPERTY developers are urged to optimise the usage of industrialised building system (IBS) as it could further reduce development cost-efficiently. W...

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Is our Covid-19 Bill the panacea?


This Bill does not appear to be fulfilling its real purpose, which is to suspend, for a specified period, enforcement of contractual obligations again...

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Will it be different for properties this time


Real estate is an asset class that attracts investors in a low-interest-rate environment. Recall that property prices started climbing after the 2008 ...

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