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Real estate agents `not certified`


THE Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) is disappointed that some “agents” are aggressively pushing owners of the Rumah Selangorku (RSKu) prog...

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Locality, buildability key determinants of house prices


INCOME and house price are often used to determine the financial affordability level of housing. According to Bank Negara Malaysia’s recent statement,...

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STRATA LIVING: Let common sense prevail


The fast growing strata-titled property development trend in the country has highlighted the urgent need to effectively deal with issues and challenge...

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A leaner year ahead for real estate


THE property market is anticipated to remain subdued moving forward as mixed macroeconomic indicators, both internal and external, indicate a neutral ...

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Jangka jualan melebihi RM7.5b


Persatuan Pemaju Hartanah dan Perumahan Malaysia (Rehda) menjangkakan penjualan unit kediaman melebihi RM7.5 bilion hingga hujung tahun ini menerusi K...

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Selangor sedia turun harga ambang hartanah pembeli asing


Kerajaan Selangor sedia menurunkan harga ambang hartanah bagi pemilikan asing kini ditetapkan RM2 juta di negeri berkenaan. Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tet...

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Structural changes needed for housing sector?


THERE has to be structural changes to the housing sector if it is to climb out of its current malaise, two industry sources say. Both declined to be n...

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Call for urgent review of Strata Management Act 2013


The fast growing strata-titled property development trend in the country has highlighted the urgent need to effectively deal with issues and challenge...

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`Govt not pandering to developers`


The government is not seen as pandering to developers but is committed to ensuring a sufficient supply of affordable units on one hand, and to rebalan...

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Significance of share units in strata development – part two


IN THIS second part of the article, the Conveyancing Practice Committee member of the Bar Council analyses the recent Court of Appeal’s decision in Mu...

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KPKT aims to open RFP tender for govt land by January 2020


THE Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) aims to open the request for proposal (RFP) tender for the 72 plots of land under the federal governm...

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Year-end boost for home ownership


THOSE looking for incentives or exemptions in property sales can visit the final mini-expo under the Malaysian Property Expo (Mapex) banner. The expo ...

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