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Making sense of the property market

Weekly Industry News

NOVICE house buyers would always be reminded of some simple formulas before acquiring their first property. For instance, those in the know would always harp about “location, location, location”.

In simple terms, the location of your choice property would determine its price and yield potential in years to come. Any expert would also tell you that the locality might also translate into the size of your house and perhaps its category.

It’s like buying a house near the sea or on an island. If you’re nearer to the beach, the size of your house would be smaller, while the price is higher.

If your house has more land and built-up areas, chances are your address is further from the sea.

The same would apply to those buying properties in the city. The closer you are to the city centre or its central business district (CBD), the money you spend might just get you a minuscule space that could perhaps be equal to the worth of five detached houses with sizeable acreage say in Sungai Mati, Muar.

Media Title:  The Malaysian Reserve

Date: 16 Jul, 2019

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