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Enact Covid-19 Act to avoid business closures

Weekly Industry News

Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about economic misery and that the worst may not be over in the months to come is moot now. What really matters is to actively execute a recovery plan to stop the country from haemorrhagingRM2.4 billion daily.

The severity of the issue must sink in and there are no two ways about that needs to be done: to introduce a Covid-19 Bill (Extension of Time) to prevent the imploding deluge of business closures.

Such legislation has already been passed in countries hard hit by the pandemic, including Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, theUI< (UKCoronavirus Act 2020) and Singapore(Covid-19 [Temporary Measures] Act2020).

Media Title: The Edge

Date: 25 May 2020

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