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Should you invest in MORE PROPERTY?

Weekly Industry News

The announcement of the removal of the 70% financing cap for a third home loan of RM600,000 and above during the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) period is encouraging news for those mulling the purchase of a third property.

For the chartered accountant who only wants to be known as Callie, the announcement has reopened the doors for her to buy a third property for investment.

She intended to purchase the third property early this year but chose to postpone it as the bank only offered her a 70% loan margin.

Callie’s first property was a 20-year-old, 3-bedroom single-storey terraced house located in Taman Ehsan, Kuala Lumpur. It was priced at RM360,000 when she purchased it eight years ago with the help of her mother.

Media Title: EdgeProp.my

Date: 09 Oct 2020

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