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Should millennials buy or rent a home?

Weekly Industry News

I dream of owning a 2-storey house in Damansara or Petaling Jaya. I have yet to buy one but I will probably be able to do so in five years,” Ron says hopefully. He is 25 and started working two years ago.

The question is, are millennials like him, most of whom join the workforce at 22 or 23, asking for too much too soon, especially when the prices of property (landed and high-rise in good locations) have gone through the roof?

Interestingly, Warren Buffett — renowned investor and one of the world’s richest men — once said of the US: “Our country’s social goal should not be to put families into the house of their dreams but rather, to put them into a house they can afford.”

Media Title: The Edge

Date: 29 Apr 2019

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