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Demand for alternative accommodation picking up

Weekly Industry News

MAN’S search for the new and unique is never ending. It goes beyond the four walls into space travel. Neither their pursuit for gains and rewards.

The journey to find both was clearly evident when Airbnb’s head of public policy for South-East Asia Michelle Goh said a couple of days ago the Airbnb community in Malaysia is among the fastest growing in South-East Asia. Thanks to the growing community of Airbnb hosts who put up their vacant units for short and long-term leases and the two million travellers who use the platform, a 99% growth over the previous year. There are now 44,000 listings, a year-on-year increase, says Goh.

She says the home-sharing platform is growing rapidly in Malaysia because tourists increasingly want unique, local and authentic travel experiences. There is demand for new experiences and there is a growing supply of alternative accommodation that goes beyond hotel rooms.

Property owners are putting aside their reservations, listing their properties on homesharing platforms and opening their investments to a steady stream of strangers. Technology enabled this. The search for gains and yields motivated it.

Media Title: The Star

Date: 1 Dec 2018

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