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    James Tan

    This topic is dedicated to the discussion of TNB supply

    Recent problems brought to us is in regards to the TNB online portal whereby registration of customers are allowed ONLY after energization of the substation. Usually, sub stations are energized quite close to completion, therefore this problem has allowed too little time for developer’s sales admin to obtain signatures from the purchasers.

    Homebuyers have also complained on the requirement of TNB to request for their mother’s name (for security identification purpose). However, the reality is that many agents have purchased our homebuyer’s name list and contact for as much as RM100 only! There is a total breach of data privacy on this matter and REHDA Selangor has repeated highlight this to TNB.

    We shall continue the discuss further.

    Note: Please feel free to join REHDA Selangor sub committee for Infrastructure and Utilities. Please call REHDA Selangor secretariat office and let the staff know of your interest to participate. We will invite you to our sub committee meeting. You may also bring along your problem for discussion (but we cant promise to have a solution for you!).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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