14 April 2021 - Courtesy Visit by Retail Division, TNB Selangor to REHDA Selangor

The Retail Division of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Selangor paid a courtesy visit to REHDA Selangor on 14 April 2021. The visit was led by Tn. Hj. Ismail Lathifi bin Teh, Head of State Retail (Selangor) together with his officers including En. Mohamad Izwan bin Zainal (Specialist of State Government & Customer Acquisition – Selangor), En. Hidayat Fahmi bin Abd Rahim (Lead of Customer Engagement – Selangor), En. Mohd Ainuddin bin Md Khairuddin (Lead Engineer of New Connection) and En. Sharindran A/L Gopal (Manager of Project Permit Management).

The visit aimed to introduce the Retail Division of TNB Selangor to REHDA Selangor and to foster effective communication and cooperation.

Amongst the discussions including:

  1. Exchanges of view on a cost-effective application and approval especially for the affordable housing category
  2. To consider the exemption of requirement TNB sub-station to be located 100m from the sewerage treatment plant / refuse chamber on a case-to-case basis (particularly on the high-rise development)
  3. To re-examine the inconsistency between the planning approval and PIAT inspection
  4. To review the Coincident factor
  5. To review the pre-condition of the Crusher-run stage before the TNB cabling works
  6. To review the long process on TNB meter applications and installations
  7. The issue on transferring the ownership from developer to new purchaser.
  8. Smart meter and Solar Energy programme by TNB Selangor

The courtesy visit ended with both parties agreeing to continue the relationship and cooperation between TNB Selangor and REHDA Selangor.