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    James Tan

    General discussion on Rumah Selangorku:

    Problem 1
    We have come across projects in prime location like shah alam that struggles to sell their unit. Location like Semenyih becomes even more challenging. There is gross mismatch in the provision of RSKU to the location and the buyers.

    Problem 2
    “We are not helping the deserving people”. With the qualification criteria of RM10,000 income per month, we have seen many buyers buying it as an investment (using their children or sibling name). This is a gross abuse of cross subsidization of the RSKU houses. Mind you, we had constantly reminded LPHS that the cross subsidization cost is borne by purchasers of the free price house purchasers, not the developer! We developers are profit making organization, we don’t run business at a loss.

    Good news:
    RSKU policy 2.0 has reduced the requirement of RSKU by 10% for many location and category. They have also reduced the carpark requirement for Type C houses so that cost is more manageable.

    Unfortunately, RSKU 2.0 has also become more stringent on the pricing and appeal process.

    Lets discuss further.

    James Tan

    Note: Please feel free to join REHDA Selangor sub committee for Planning and Policies. Please call REHDA Selangor secretariat office and let the staff know of your interest to participate. We will invite you to our sub committee meeting. You may also bring along your problem for discussion (but we cant promise to have a solution for you!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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