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    James Tan

    Please discuss the RUMAH SELANGORKU – buyer qualification and sales process here. We have a lot of work to do to improve this process with Lembaga Perumahan Hartanah Selangor (LPHS).

    The current requirement is that we have to get 2 rounds of prequalified buyers listing from LPHS. The difficulty is that most of the time only 20% of the buyers are interested in the house offered and qualifies for loan. Developer typically take 3 months to screen first round listing. They then apply for second round which they have to wait for 3 months. Screen second list for another 3 months and then apply for open day (which will take 3 months). All in all, it takes about 12 months before developer reaches the stage for “open day” where they can sell most of the units. In that 12 months, construction started and time start counting for the SPA (so delay will cause a painful 12% late interest).

    Lets discuss further.

    Note: Please feel free to join REHDA Selangor sub committee for Planning and Policies. Please call REHDA Selangor secretariat office and let the staff know of your interest to participate. We will invite you to our sub committee meeting. You may also bring along your problem for discussion (but we cant promise to have a solution for you!).

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