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    James Tan

    This topic is focused primarily on high rise residential in Selangor.

    The recent JPBD ver3.0 has made life better on the following:
    1. Removal of minimum 2.0 acre land size for high rise
    2. Removal of “open space / amenities” requirement of 1 hectare for every 1000 person. (This removed a lot of the confusion on this topic)
    3. Reduction of requirement for visitor carpark. It used to be 20% of carpark provided (so it works out to be 2.4 carpark per unit). It is now 20% of the units provided (so it becomes 2.2 carparks per unit)
    4. Ultimate determination of density is now passed on to the gazetted local plan. That helps to also clear some confusion over maximum density. However, we must continue to lobby city councils to embrace higher density development.
    5. Removal of the condition to keep ground floor empty for free price apartment. (very unfortunately, they didnt do the same for RSKU, which is all so relevant for our shear wall to come down to the ground and avoid costly transfer slab).

    Let’s continue the discussion below.

    James Tan

    Note: Please feel free to join REHDA Selangor sub committee for Planning and Policies. Please call REHDA Selangor secretariat office and let the staff know of your interest to participate. We will invite you to our sub committee meeting. You may also bring along your problem for discussion (but we cant promise to have a solution for you!).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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