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    James Tan

    This topic is for Bumiputera Quota and Release

    This has been a sensitive topic. Politically Sensitive. Culturally Sensitive.

    Dear readers, please write with tact and consideration.

    REHDA National and REHDA Selangor has always appealed for a standard 30% across the state and country. Unfortunately, there has never been enough political will to carry out reform on this matter.

    The last attempt to reform on this matter was a proposal to remove bumiputera discount for properties above a certain price. The rationale being that Bumiputera buyers of higher income does not require assistance with house purchase. Unfortunately, it became politicised and hardly mentioned again.

    The release mechanism has been made clear in the last PTG circular on this. Nevertheless, members are most frustrated with the condition to pay the amount equivalent to the discount to LPHS. REHDA Selangor has got a legal opinion that challenges on this condition of such payment. The state government brushed aside our legal opinion and we didnt hear of it for a long time.

    There is noble intention in Bumiputera quota and discount. The Government wish to carry out social engineering so that Rakyat of different races will mix in any given location. The country cannot move forward if all the Malay live in one community and the non-malay live in a different community. However, such “engineered integration” is difficult to move on its own. For example, some hardcore Chinese area like Kepong and Cheras are difficult to attract Malay purchasers to live there (for many practical reasons like religious facility, food availability etc).

    Meanwhile, there are developers who struggle to sell their bumiputera quota units and that affects their cash flow and put them at risk of project failure.

    we shall discuss further. There has to be a better way for all of us Malaysian.

    Note: Please feel free to join REHDA Selangor sub committee for Planning and Policies. Please call REHDA Selangor secretariat office and let the staff know of your interest to participate. We will invite you to our sub committee meeting. You may also bring along your problem for discussion (but we cant promise to have a solution for you!).

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