4 October 2022 - Meeting With YB Rodziah On Proposed RSKU 3.0 Policy

The Selangor State Housing Exco, YB Rodziah binti Ismail invited REHDA Selangor to a discussion on RSKU 3.0 in preparation for a proposal paper to MMKN on 4 October 2022. The main issue highlighted was REHDA Selangor’s proposal to increase the development cost per square feet from RM 250 to RM 255 to factor in the maintenance fee and infrastructure cost. It was proposed that developers will absorb the maintenance fee for the first 2 years at RM 0.30 per square feet. Once MMKN approves the proposals agreed to by REHDA Selangor on RSKU 3.0, REHDA Selangor will extend an invitation to LPHS to give a briefing to developers on the changes effected in RSKU 3.0. The meeting was attended by Datuk Zaini bin Yusoff (REHDA Selangor Chairman) and En Zulkifly bin Garib (REHDA Selangor Ex Officio Chairman).