17 April 2018 - Courtesy Visit to the Head of Planning And Capital Works, Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd.

A courtesy call was organised on Ir Ainul Azhar Mohd Jemoner, the newly appointed Head of Planning and Capital Works of Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd on 17 April 2018. The visit was led by En Zulkifly Garib joined by Datuk S.Sivanyanam, Ir Tiah Oon Ling, Mr Kelvin Choo, Datuk Zaini Yusoff, Mr Michael Fu, Mr Choo Set Yuan from the Kajang/Sepang Zone Committee, En Sezleen Bahzme from the IUEC Sub-Committee and Ms Khamini Loganathan. Below are some of the pertinent issues discussed: –

2.1 Langat 2
Langat 2 is expected to start its operation partially with 300mld water supply by June or July 2018. Once all technical issues have been resolved, the water treatment plant will operate partially benefiting the Southern Corridors as well as Kuala Lumpur. This would release all the water approval submissions, which are currently held back. The full completion of Langat 2 is targeted by end of 2019 with 1130mld water capacity.

2.2 Semenyih 1 & 2
Semenyih 1 is currently running at 20% above capacity. This should be reduced once Labohan Dagang comes into operation. Semenyih 2 is now in operation since 1st March 2018 and supplies water towards Bangi and Beranang area.

2.3 Labohan Dagang
Labohan Dagang produces 200mld water for the Kuala Langat vicinity and is expected to be complete by end of 2018. Once Labohan Dagang starts its operation, it will relieve the supply from Sungai Semenyih currently running above capacity and would be able to supply more water into Sepang area.

2.4 Non-Revenue Water
The State Government has been providing assistance to reduce non-revenue water. The non-revenue water has been reduced from 32.7% to 31% and Air Selangor’s target is to reduce it to 30% by end of the year. The Federal government has come up with a comprehensive programme under the Eleventh Malaysia Plan to provide incentives to States that are able to reduce non-revenue water.

2.5 Pipe Replacement Programme
Pipe replacement programme will be a continuous project that involves many processes with the respective local authorities and residents. The Asbestos-Cement (AC) pipe is about 6,000 plus kilometers long and it will take years to complete the replacement efforts.

2.6 Issues relating to consultants.
It was highlighted that consultants have not been carrying out inspections as required but are appointing the contractors instead. Developers were requested to ensure that consultants carry out the inspection and keep all necessary documentation in their record. In view of this, Air Selangor soon will be implementing self-regulation where consultants will be held responsible for the projects approved by them. There will be a pilot programme on self-regulation for low risk base inspection.

2.7 Delay in water meter application and the online system
The delay in water meter application was caused by the implementation of the new system called Customer Information System (CRIS). The system has been facing some technical problem due to the migration of data, which will be resolved by end of April 2018.

2.8 Developers to be present during submission
Developers are advised to be present with consultants during submission. Air Selangor will only comment twice on the submission. If the requirements are still not met, then the applications will be rejected.