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RPGT now a pure taxation tool, discourages long-term investment


The revised Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rates that took effect from Jan 1, 2019, may lead to quicker disposals upon the fifth year of holding perio...

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Govt: Affordable homes to be capped below RM300,000


THE government is expected to put a cap on affordable homes at RM300,000 for units with a minimum of 900 sq ft, to provide more opportunities for the ...

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Developers commit to 10% price markdown to alleviate glut


Some 180 property developers have pledged to slash the prices of their unsold homes by at least 10% as the real estate sector struggles to clear RM22 ...

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Sentiment in property market could improve this year, says Knight Frank


Policies and measures announced in the 2019 budget are expected to strengthen demand in the local property market, especially among firsttime homebuye...

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Property sector expected to recover in first half


The property market is expected to recover within the first half of 2019, as industry experts reckon that home sales have already bottomed out. Mayban...

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Council discusses national housing policy, one million affordable homes


The National Affordable Housing Council (MPMMN) held its first meeting here today to discuss the implementation of the National Housing Policy (DRN) 2...

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Langkah tepat pacu sektor perumahan


Pengenalan model baharu penswastaan bagi menyediakan lebih banyak kediaman mampu milik disifatkan langkah tepat dalam memacu sektor perumahan dan indu...

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Bid to build more affordable homes


THE government is working on a new privatisation model to build more affordable homes via stronger collaboration between the federal and state governm...

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Was the property bubble averted?


The majority of Malaysians were waiting for the property bubble to burst last year, given that the number of unsold units had ballooned to nearly 30,0...

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Taking the nation to the next level


Transit-oriented developments (TODs) are the future of urbanisation in the Klang Valley. There are already several transit-oriented projects in the Kl...

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One mln affordable houses in 10 years — Zuraida


The Housing and Local Government Ministry plans to build one million units of affordable homes within the next 10 years to enable more people, especia...

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The best time to BUY YOUR FIRST HOME


While the property market is expected to remain challenging in 2019, for those looking to buy a home for their own stay, it may be a good time to buy ...

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