Why become a REHDA Selangor member?

REHDA Selangor is the sole state representative body that liaises with the government, state agencies, utility bodies and other enterprises to forge closer ties between the development sector and government sector.

We welcome membership applications from all organizations involved in housing and real property development in Selangor so that as a unified body, we will be able to speak to the government, state agencies, utility bodies and other enterprises to promote the development industry in Malaysia.

REHDA Selangor is proud to be invited to provide inputs in matters of federal government and state government policies. Our pro-active approach has greatly benefited members who would otherwise be unable to access government and utilities bodies to solve their challenges with regard to changes to policy implementation and problems at their development project sites.

In brief, the benefits of joining us as a REHDA Selangor member are:

  • able to participate in meetings between Government agencies and utility companies
  • able to develop closer relationship amongst members who have involved in the housing and real property development industry
  • promote a continuous learning attitude to provide good housing and real property product to meet the needs of the nation
  • able to participate to dialogues and workshops organized by Government and State Agencies
  • able to participate in seminars, workshops organized by REHDA
  • access to members privileged information such as legal opinion regarding land development in Selangor
  • access to property market analyses report
  • able to participate in an interactive forum to gather information and suggestions on how to gain solutions to their development project challenges

Eligibility on being a member

The applicant must be a housing development company or involved in business related to the housing industry.

Subscription Schedule

The entrance fee for ordinary membership is RM2,000.00 which is a one-time payment.

Annual subscription is based upon the company’s paid-up capital as below:

Fees Amount of Paid-Up Capital
RM1,000.00 RM 3 million and below
RM2,000.00 RM 3 - 10 million
RM5,000.00 RM 10 million and above


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