Imagine this: You are making an online reservation for a hotel in t h e Maldives, and the website you are on displays not only t h e floor plans, rates and pictures but also a live panoramic window view from your chosen room as well as t h e relaxing sounds of waves that you would hear if you were actually there.

Basically, what you see and what you hear will be what you get.

You would be able to choose the perfect room — one w i t h a view of a beautiful beach instead of an ugly rooftop, or a blocked ocean view that the hotel neglected to mention on its website — and actually get what you chose.

It may sound too good to be true but with property technology, or better known as "prop-tech" — t h e new buzzword in the real estate industry — all these things are

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MediaTitle The Edge
Date 08 Jan 2018

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