Happy New Year! Let’s be honest. 2017 was nothing to shout about. For the Malaysian real estate industry, in particular, the numbers that emerged were concerning, to say the least. So hopes are up that 2018 will be better.

And when Bank Negara Malaysia sounds alarm bells, everyone should take heed. The central bank had highlighted that the number of unsold residential properties in the country as of the first quarter of 2017 was the highest ever recorded in a decade. Then came the freeze on office, shopping mall and residential high-rise properties priced RM1 million and above. That certainly added to the already negative market sentiment.

But let’s hear it from the horses’ mouths. What do industry players have to say about the real estate market in the year that was and what do they think 2018 will augur for the market?


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MediaTitle: The Edge Financial Daily
Date: 05 Jan 2018

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