There should be an allocation mechanism by the government for buyers of Projek Perumahan 1Malaysia (PR1MA) homes following the new income eligibility which has been increased from RM10,000 to RM15,000.

The House Buyers Association (HBA) said as more people from the middle income group are now eligible to own PR1MA homes, the core objective of the programmes, which is to provide affordable homes to the lower income earners should be safeguarded.

HBA Secretary-General Chang Kim Loong said the increase of household income eligibility to RM15,000 is appropriate given the increase in cost of living.

However, he told Bernama that this new rule will also give an advantage, in terms of a better chance to get a unit, to the middle income earners over those from the low income group.

"Buyers with RM15,000 income per month should not be competing against buyers who earn only RM5,000 per month. People with only say RM5,000 and RM15,000 should be given allocation for housing suited to their income levels respectively," he said.


Source: The Edge Financial Daily / Section: Home Business / Date: 20 Jan 2017
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